About cattery

Hello fans and lovers of the Oriental breeds! If you are on our website means you are interested in our work and you are not indifferent to the truly most graceful and mysterious Oriental cat breed!So touch closer. The most important and distinctive feature of this breed in her nature!It’s cats that do not let you stay without attention!Like say psychologists-nature choleric. Human interaction for them it is a part of their lives. Tied you they’re ready to be everywhere with you just to understand that you pay attention to them. Very playful and responsive to affection. They called kotobabi or doglike cats!What started this comparison?They bring you toys,meet and see off when you are at the door and they can walk on a leash outdoors!And this is a very talkative breed. Talkative is not something that they repeat like a parrot your words. This kind of meow when your pet wants to share or say,to beg you websnake or just to play with you. Will meow and like to talk to you about your request. Here are our cats. Purchasing we have a pet we care for his fate and so 24 hour constant access to the new owners. Kittens lying in the new house is completely adapted for independent living. The nature of the kitten should be friendly and not clogged. Therefore, we have a professional approach to parenting from the separation of the kitten from the mother’s breast. Animals of our cattery live in an apartment 100sq.m. Free access to the whole apartment but one room is fully equipped for them. Cm.photo. No animal sits in a cage. This is unacceptable!A nursery in the apartment it does not mean that many cells and a constant flow of give birth to cats. No!This is our big and happy family. And in the summer at the cottage for them is equipped with a large aviary with house-breaking. See photo. Kittens of our nursery are given to a new family is fully vaccinated. Vaccines of the last generation. See photo. Food for all the animals is the main component of health. So our animals eat food super priemium class. For activity and the development of muscles cats are given fresh meat. Buying from us pet you are guaranteed to take the animal in which is enclosed the maximum amount of love and affection. Our kennel was officially registered in early 2016. See photo. But fell in love with this breed and began to study in detail with the advent of 2012, when we had our first Semen. See photo. Son of the famous Tor Catory. We are a young kennel but the results of our work is very noticeable on the background of the venerable nurseries with 20 years experience. photo exhibitions. The goal of our kennel is their own image of the breed with the best pedigree data. Our animals live in many countries around the world and throughout Russia. Landori translated as the world,the country,the land Oriental. Love. you will understand that it is a whole universe of emotions which you never knew. They will teach you the different look at the world of animals in General, immersing you in the daily kaleidoscope of diverse animal life of the world living near you!