Why cat bites the hand that strokes her?

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Some cats are completely docile and allow you to stroke yourself all you want, while their owners lavish affection, others, when they get bored, start to escape from the hands, jump master’s lap and run away. But there is another type of these animals much more than I think most people who react to excessive affection more painful. One author has described two different cats — Jekyll and Hyde. Latest for no apparent reason began to beat his tail and pounced on the friendly hand of the owner. The attack was unexpected and inexplicable, and left the latter not only with the bleeding wounds, but also deeply embarrassed.
Before to explain the reaction, it is useful to look closely at what is actually happening. The owner starts to pet the cat, wag her ears or gently scratches her head. The cat responds to affection, absolutely relaxes, and may even purr. Then impatiently she strains and begins to twist the ears so that they turn backwards. Often the owner doesn’t notice, but this is a signal of danger. At this point can widen the pupils of the animal. Cat quick and almost imperceptible movement rushes forward with claws. However, she can suddenly and strongly to bite the hand teeth. Then the lightning rushes away, as if fleeing in panic flight.
In fact, this behavior is characteristic of the animal, which feels grave danger and protects himself. Inflicting a wound and expecting immediate punishment, the cat hastens to hide. But how could she have a feeling of danger when in contact with the owner, who behaves peacefully? There are two possible explanations. The first is based on personal experience of a cat. Sometimes a gentle human hand “betrays” the cat. Gently moving the fingers or swinging scratching her muzzle, and then without warning grabbed the poor animal and raise it into the air. So are other strangers who are afraid of claws and come up with all sorts of cunning ways to grab the cat without the risk of attack. So you can do the vet wants to see the cat before you give her a shot, for example. NIS has a long memory, especially at the shock of the situation, and they can remember this unpleasant incident. Experience leads the animal in a state of internal conflict. Any domestic cat likes to be stroked and caressed. On the other hand, cat is suspicious of the caressing hand, fearing that this same hand to any COP can grab it and throw it on the floor. At first the desire affection so much that the fear of suppressed animal seconds Pass, the demand is gradually satisfied. Cats in heart awakens the fear of being caught and thrown. Suddenly the cat is shaken, and she, unable to control himself, attacks and then escapes and runs away in a panic.
Cats are not burdened with such unpleasant memories bite patting their hands much less often. But still it happens sometimes. To understand this, we need to understand — what does the stroking and caresses not for us, but from the point of view of a cat.
Adult cats sometimes clean each other’s fur, but more often a mother licking her kitten. Kittens some time suffering, and then decide it’s enough. For adult cats living with people, the human hand represents a kind of “mother tongue”, which pulls their fur and smooth it. After a person is sufficiently “cleaned” the cat, her mood changing. The hand is no longer perceived as the mother tongue. Although the hand continues to do the same movement, it seems the animal “giant paw” that carries the danger. The animal responds accordingly and begins to defend himself.