That cats like people who don’t like them?

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If the cat enters the room, where talking a few people, then with high probability it is sent to the one who is afraid of cats. He scared mistrust will see how the cat begins rubbing against his legs and may even vspugnet on his lap. Why she chooses him?

Many people will see this as a confirmation of the old idea that in nature cats hidden something vicious that the animal specifically choose who fears him, and does everything to embarrass him.

But this opinion is not that other, as a very exaggerated romantic superstition. There is a much simpler explanation of the behavior of the animal.

Entering the room and looking around, the cat sees many people staring at her. Lovers of cats and they look at it because they like it. However, from her point of view, look says although modest, but risk.

Many often forget this rule when they were approaching the cat, instead of being limited to the casual eye, they look at an animal in such a way that it becomes uncomfortable. The only one who does this — the person who does not love cats. He looks away and keeps quiet, hoping that the cat will not pay attention to him.

However, this behavior produces the opposite effect, and in search of those tribes, which could easily lie down, the cat heading straight for her ideal, which is not vanity, not waving his hands, not making loud comments and, most importantly, looks into the eyes.

Thus, the cat gives his high appreciation of his peaceful behavior. People who don’t like cats and want them to stay away, you should look directly at them wide-eyed, to make inviting gestures with his hands, loudly beg them to come and sit to him on his knees. Such actions will lead to the opposite result, and you can relax without fear of harassment of the owner’s cats.